FPL Podcasts & YouTube Shows

There is so much Fantasy Premier League-themed streaming content available these days that you couldn't listen to it all if you tried. There are more than FIFTY active FPL shows listed here, in a huge variety of formats and styles.

One nice thing about the FPL community is the amount of overlap between channels. It's common to see FPL content producers guesting on each other's channels.

These podcasts and shows are impossible to rank, so I have listed them in alphanumeric order. The Best In Fantasy Football category of the Football Content Awards may help you choose, as might this other list of top FPL podcasts which appeared after I made this one. Find a handful to your taste, soak up all the advice, use your brain, then go with your gut.

3 Amigos FPL Show

The FPL Podcast you need for laughs, and all the help you need to boost your FPL rank. With FPL buddies Kylie, Marz, Don and their friends from the FPL Community. Winner of the 2019 FPL Podcasts Awards Best FPL Podcast.

Above Average FPL

Weekly podcast. Two mates talking nonsense and navigating their way through the ranks.

Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

Weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast hosted by Americans, Josh Landon and Brandon Kelley, aiming to provide equal parts strategy and community for every type of FPL player. Winner of the Judges' Award for Best Fantasy Football Creator at the 2019 Football Content Awards.

The Art of The Dive FPL Podcast

Weekly #fpl podcast covering community, strategy, stats, and mistakes with Americans, Marco & Jake.

The Athletic FPL Podcast

The Athletic's Fantasy Premier League expert Mark McGettigan - aka FPL General - gives you his considered view on the players to watch, who to make captain and answers your burning FPL questions. Mark has 3 top 1000 finishes. Formerly "The 59th Minute FPL Podcast".

Bang Average Podcast

Bang Average Fantasy Football insight and elite level nonsense as some of the finest minds in fantasy join host John Wallin, MikeP and FantasyYIRMA to discuss FPL.

The Banger Committee Podcast

Siva and Sam discuss the best FPL picks weekly with mix of stats, eye test and banter. Made in Malaysia.

Capkin Gaming

YouTube videos covering transfer plans, best transfers, team selections etc..

Corridor Of Uncertainty

A monthly podcast where Simon (@analytic_fpl) and Jamie (@rogue_wee) zoom out and look at FPL through the eyes of stats and models.

Dayvy FPL

Gameweek previews, team selection videos, and live streams from South African, David. 22nd overall rank in 2018/19

Elite FPL

Weekly streaming live preview, reaction and review shows, presented by Jason and Steve-o. The show features manager call-ins to discuss their FPL team progress throughout the season.

Fantasy 606

Ali Bruce-Ball, Chris Sutton and Statman Dave talk all things Fantasy Football in this show from BBC Radio 5 Live.

Fantasy Football Fanatics FPL Podcast

The Fantasy Football Fanatics are five old friends who love to talk about Fantasy Premier League. Duncan, Matt, Ben, Andy and Gary discuss all things FPL including planning ahead, predictions and rants.

Fantasy Football Fix

Weekly short videos featuring the top 5 players from the analysis website. From the same team as FPLtips.

Fantasy Football Scout

Featuring the weekly Scoutcast, gameweek previews, best captaincy discussions, and "Meet The Manager" where Joe meets FPL managers with a track record of success.

The FPL Plonker Podcast

The show that helps any plonker succeed in FPL.

FML FPL - Fantasy Premier League Podcast

Americans Alon and Walsh mix healthy doses of banter and footy insight into their weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast ramblings on the "Friday My Life" podcast.

FPL BlackBox

Relaxed FPL discussion and insight from veteran experts, Az and founder of Fantasy Football Scout, Mark Sutherns, who has one of the very highest all-time FPL points totals.

FPL Contrarians

FPL fantasy insight from Americans, Cristian Rich and Matt Blenner.


FPL entertainment, player analysis and team previews. Made in Australia.

FPL ExpectAsians

FPL insights, discussions, and tips from some of the experts in the game. FPL ExpectAsians features experts, living and breathing FPL, whilst living in Asia.

The FPL Experiment podcast

Join Adam, Greg and Nick, as they try to create a successful FPL team. There will be guests, statistical analysis and lots of renegade decisions from Greg.

FPL Family

Weekly live streams discussing all things Fantasy Premier League with husband and wife duo, Lee & Sam. Strong community feel with this one.

The FPL Fan Show

FPL videos including "What to do?", best player picks and team reveals with FPL Prince and FPL Nacho.

FPL Focal

Concise gameweek previews and other interesting videos relating to FPL.

The FPL Gameweek

Relaxed FPL chat alongside Bhuna, Matt & Lama, who are regularly joined by some of FPLs top creators & viewers via their free Discord server. Formerly known as "The Lama Lounge" and "That FPL Lounge", I'm hoping they've finally settled on a name.

The FPL Hangover Podcast

Weekly FPL gameweek reviews and previews, plus hints, tips and advice from 2 Irish veterans of FPL.

FPL Harry

FPL tips, gameweek reviews, team reveals etc. with Harry. Formerly FPLTIPZ.

FPL Juice

Billed as THE ONLY studio-based, live-interactive Fantasy Premier League podcast!


Team selection videos and "Dream Team" live streams from one of the FPL Wildcats team.

FPL Mate

Dan of FPL Mate creates videos to help both new and experienced Fantasy Premier League players improve their game. With gameweek previews, transfer targets, captain choices and differentials, FPL Mate will provide you with the tools to win!

FPL Playbook

A look at the FPL gameweek ahead, including hot topics of discussion, captaincy calls, from the FPL Playmaker app.

The FPL Show

Professionally-produced FPL show from the Premier League, available on TV and YouTube. Expert guests often include producers and contributors from the other shows in this list.

FPL Surgery Podcast

Experienced FPL experts @FlapjackFPL and @JoshPaxman provide you with easily digestible stats, info, transfer suggestions, and more, within banter filled features.

FPL Take The Hit

In-depth analysis of FPL strategy and tactics with a healthy dose of banter/rivalry from Australian brothers, Michael & Jonathon.


Gameweek Previews, Players to Watch, Team Selection, Q&As & more! Concise videos with high production values. From the same team as Fantasy Football Fix.


FPL advice from India. Not to be confused with FPLtips or FPLTIPZ


Concise, weekly FPL Team Selection and FPL Point Predictor videos. Winner of the Fans' Award for Best Fantasy Football Creator at the 2019 Football Content Awards.

FPL Today

Frequent videos on FPl team selection, transfer tips, captaincy etc. from one of the FPL Wildcats group.

The FPL Wire

The FPL Wire is a place where Managers Lateriser12 (Top 200 x 3), Zophar666 (Top10k x 7) & BigManBakar (#4 in 2014/15) who have loved the game for years discuss the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) on a weekly basis hoping to give you all the insight, info and banter you need to make your FPL decisions.

FPL Wizard

Transfer plans, team selection, gameweek aftermath, deadline streams etc..

Gameweek: The (unofficial) Fantasy Premier League Podcast

Energetic, weekly FPL podcast with Matt Dyson and Dan Prior. Sounds like radio.

The Green Arrow FPL Podcast by Fantasy Football Hub

Weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast by Adam Hopcroft and Fergi from Fantasy Football Hub discussing the best FPL strategy, stats, transfers and captain ahead of every gameweek.

Let's Talk FPL

Popular YouTube channel from Andy, bringing you weekly Fantasy Premier League content throughout the season, as well as pre-season videos to give you all the FPL Tips you need to dominate your mini-leagues and to increase your overall rank. Content during the 38 Gameweeks includes Team Selections, Gameweek Previews, Watchlists and live streams.

Man On FPL Podcast (Fantasy Football Collective)

Darren and Thomas take you through a week by week account of how their fantasy football journey is going in various games, with the occasional special guest from the fantasy football community.

MyGuys FPL Pod

Will and Andy discuss all things FPL including top picks for each gameweek, differential opportunities, general EPL barber shop chit chat and the occasional interview.

Net That Haul & FPL Crows Nest with FPLMariner

Discussion around statistical head to head match-ups, fixture difficulties ratings and captain selection etc..

Nathan Blacon FC FPL

YouTube videos covering transfer plans, best transfers, team selections etc..

The Official Fantasy Premier League Podcast

The Premier League's official FPL podcast. Every Friday James Richardson is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the game.

Planet FPL - The Fantasy Football Podcast

A weekly podcast full of tips, advice and help playing Fantasy Premier League with West Ham fan Suj and Spurs fan James.

The Season Keepers

2 best friends discussing official Fantasy Premier League and Sky Fantasy Football.


Frank FPL musings from veteran of 4 top 1k FPL finishes.

Who Got The Assist? FPL Podcast

Tom, Nick and Anthony bring you FPL insight driven by data every week.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the Football Content Awards have categories for best Podcast, Video and Editorial in Fantasy Football. Check out their 2020 finalists.