Welcome to FPL Form, where you can find statistics-based tools to help you choose players for your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team.

FPL Predictions

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I use a complex algorithm to predict how many points each Fantasy Premier League player will score in each future gameweek.

These predictions are presented in a powerful, interactive table, that allows you to filter and sort the results by numerous criteria.

I also use statistical data to predict how many goals each Premier League team will score in each future FPL gameweek.

Use these predictions to choose the best combination of players for your FPL team.

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FPL Transfer & Lineup Suggestions

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Quickly find the best transfers to improve your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team, based on your current team and budget.

Your players' future predicted points are compared against other players or combinations of players that you could sign, to offer you transfer suggestions for maxium FPL points gain.

You can find ranked lists of suggestions for single transfers and double transfers, or determine the optimum combination of players for your wildcard and free hit chips.

There is also a lineup suggestor to help you choose your captain, vice-captain, substitutes and bench-order for the next gameweek.

Climb those FPL league rankings!

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FPL Fixture Difficulty Ratings

FPL Fixture Difficulty screenshot

Fixture difficulty ratings (FDR) tailored specifically for Fantasy Premier League (FPL), calculated by the number and recency of FPL points scored against teams in the past in each position. Expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA) are also taken into account.

Besides an overview of each team's current vulnerability to FPL points in each position, season ticker tables help you identify opposition teams to target when choosing FPL players.

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FPL Manager Ranking

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A ranking of top Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers, presented in an interactive table that allows you to rank managers by multiple criteria including last-5-season points, all-time points, top 1k finishes, top 10k finishes and recency-weighted rank over the last 3 and 5 seasons.

Many Twitter IDs are provided to help you follow FPL's top managers.

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FPL Resources

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Extensive list of resources to help you get the most of out of the Fantasy Premier League game, including a comprehensive index of FPL podcasts and videos, links to FPL websites, apps, browser plug-ins, Twitter accounts, price-change predictions, live FPL rank sites, FPL manager rankings, transfer planners, season review etc..

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