FPL Resources

Resources to help you enjoy and succeed in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game.

FPL Podcasts & YouTube Shows

There is a ton of FPL-themed streaming content these days. See my separate listing of FPL podcasts and YouTube shows.

FPL Twitter (X)

There is a strong community of FPL enthusiasts on Twitter, with plenty of insight, banter, humour and support. My FPL manager ranking links to the Twitter accounts of some top managers. My page of FPL podcasts and YouTube channels has links to all the creators' Twitter accounts. Otherwise look out for accounts with "FPL" in the name, but be selective if your goal is to get quality tips. Follow me at @fplform and take a peek at who I'm following. Here are a few great FPL-related Twitter accounts to get you started.

FPL Price Change Predictions

See my page on FPL price change predictions to find sites that give you a good idea of when players' prices are likely to rise or fall.

FPL Live Rank

See my page on FPL live rank websites to find out where you can track your gameweek performance in real time.

FPL Manager Rankings

Data-based FPL Points Predictions / Team Optimisers / Transfer Suggestors

Besides my own FPL Points Predictions and Transfer Suggestions, here are some other sites that forecast points, and/or advise you on your team selection.

FPL Transfer Planners

Tools to help you map out your future FPL moves. Better than scribbling them on the back of a fag packet.

FPL Season Review

Take a look back at where it all went right or wrong.

FPL Mobile Apps

There are a lot of FPL mobile apps now. Here's a sample of them.

FPL Browser Extensions

These extensions integrate useful extra functionality right into your desktop browser's FPL page.

Football Statistics

Club Ratings

Some sources (besides FPL Form, of course) provide better metrics of team strength than the FPL's Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR).

Resources for FPL Developers

FPL Forums

FPL Discord Servers

FPL Newsletters

If I was a more casual FPL player, with little desire to scour Twitter, YouTube, Discord etc. for information, I would subscribe to these email newsletters to find out what I need to know before each gameweek.

Other FPL Websites & Resources

There are stacks of FPL-related websites, ranging from simple blogs to subscription-based prediction and stats resources that aim to give you an edge. Here are some of the better, active ones.