FPL Predictions

Statistics-based predictions to help you choose players for your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team, including predicted FPL points (PP) and predicted team goals.

FPL Player Predicted Points (PP) and Value

FPL Player Predicted Points (PP) and Value screenshot

I use a complex algorithm to predict how many points each Fantasy Premier League (FPL) player will score in future gameweeks.

These predicted points (PP), sometimes known as expected points (xP), are presented in a powerful, interactive table, that allows you to filter and sort the results by numerous criteria including player name, team, position, cost, form, probability of appearing, predicted points, value etc..

Use this to choose the best players for your FPL team, or visit my FPL transfer suggestors to find the best combinations of FPL players.

Be sure to check out my guide to learn how to get the best out of this feature-packed table.

FPL Player Predicted Points (PP) and Value...

Predicted Team Goals

FPL Predicted Team Goals screenshot

English Premier League (EPL) predicted team goals for each FPL gameweek based on the quality and form of the team's attack and the weakness of the opposition's defence.

These predictions are useful for choosing teams to pick a captain from, and especially for spotting the best gameweeks to play your triple captain chip.

Predicted Team Goals...

Export FPL Form Data

Predicted FPL points csv screenshot

Export my FPL points predictions as a CSV file, in a variety of formats, for use in your own analysis or other FPL analysis tools.

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