FPL Single Transfer Suggestor

Find the best single transfer to improve your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team, based on your current team and budget. See my FPL Transfer Suggestions page for other powerful tools to help you optimize your FPL team.

Back in a bit!

I have been working hard on making significant improvements to my FPL points predictions algorithm, and incorporating the points-scoring changes introduced in the 2024-25 game. I am also trying to improve the reliability of loading your team via your FPL email and password (a very difficult task).

My FPL points predictions table, transfer optimizers, and transfer suggestors will be back, but probably not until about a week before the first fixtures. Until then, there is no point in loading your team into FPL Form.

In the meantime, check out my FPL Resources page for some great FPL season review tools to analyse or just relive your season gone, or my FPL Manager Ranking to see how the top FPL managers and personalities rank over multiple seasons.